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Grant criteria Overview

  • WHO: Local non-profit organisations, associations, clubs or unions, social cooperative enterprises and/or other local bodies, including research centres, are all welcome to apply for DEF grants.

  • Non-local applicants, already active in the area or experts, can be also eligible for grants and strategic partnerships, if they prove that they can offer capacity building to the locals and/or tangible impact through their work on the ground.

  • The applicants must display strong and effective leadership and emphasise an integrated bottom-up approach, by consulting with, mobilising and involving local communities and demonstrating positive community impact.

  • WHAT: Applications for funding from the DEF should fit into one of the Foundation’s key focus areas as well as the DEF’s preferred types of projects.

  • The proposed projects shall be clear and compelling, with the objective to create measurable and sustainable long-term results, build capacity and encourage participation by the local community.

  • Ideally, the proposed activities shall be sufficiently visible to leverage additional support from other funding sources.

  • WHERE: The DEF encourages the implementation of projects in different parts of Devon. Projects with opportunities for replicability in other parts of the county, to amplify their impact, will be prioritised.

How to apply

All applicants need to complete and submit our application form. If your application is approved, you will need to sign a Grant Agreement specifying the terms of our collaboration. Please complete the online application form below or contact amanda@devonenvironment.org for a Word version.