Youth Sailing Dart Estuary Custodians

£6,000 awarded

Connecting local young people to the local marine environment through sailing, enjoying being on the water, and connecting with nature.

The aim of this project is to give more young people the opportunity to learn to sail in their local river while encouraging a deep appreciation of their local environment.

By combining the sailing programme with nature observation and monitoring activities, the project seeks to develop a sense of environmental stewardship.

This project will be carried out by the Royal Dart Youth Sailing Trust, in the Dart estuary, and will include:

  • Providing worksheets for the young sailors to increase their awareness of the wildlife species living on the Dart Estuary and the environmental threats they face, such as plastic and sewage pollution, and agricultural run-off. This will introduces young people to their local riparian and marine ecosystems, and highlight the challenges they face.
  • Hosting a series of environmental talks from local experts spanning water quality, native species, and the complexity of ecosystems.
  • Launching a new ‘Dart Estuary Custodian of the Year’ initiative to encourage active participation and eagerness to get involved, and promote the scheme more widely in the local community.


Image credits: Royal Dart Youth Sailing Trust.