Grants News: Our Latest Projects

We’re excited to share the latest rounds of grants we’ve recently awarded… read on to learn more about the uplifting nature restoration projects we’re enabling in Devon.

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Q2 2023 GRANTS 

Wild Plant Nursery – Kickstarting a new nursery to nurture young native plants that are no longer present in the majority of our farmed landscape, enabling them to be reintroduced to restore their abundance and increase plant biodiversity.

Till the Coast is Clear X Depeche Mode – A project generously enabled by Depeche Mode’s plastic pollution partnership with our mother charity, Conservation Collective. DEF received funding for one of our flagship grantees, Till the Coast is Clear, to hugely scale up activities to recover even more plastic pollution from difficult-to-reach places along the South Devon coast.


Q3 2023 GRANTS

In Moss and Moor – Phase 2 of an experimental project engaging the local community, farmers, and landowners in growing and transplanting sphagnum moss to discover if this could be an effective way to restore vital peatlands on Dartmoor at scale.

Swift Boxes – Increasing Devon’s swift population by installing nest boxes and audio lures into church towers to kickstart new colonies, by enticing more breeding pairs and giving them space to increase their chances of success.

Flete Field Lab – Year 3 of an innovative project trialling mycelium and biochar recipes to tackle river pollution and sequester carbon. This year’s funding will enable the project to build on its success, replicate experiments in different locations, target different pollutants, and share learnings to amplify its impact.



Since our launch in summer 2020, we’ve supported 53 grassroots projects addressing the climate and nature emergencies in Devon, awarding more than £705,000 grants.

Learn more in our Annual Review 2023 here.

We’re currently fundraising so we can support more innovative and impactful grassroots projects in our final grant round of the year – decided at the end of November 2023.

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Image credits: Keep it Wild CIC, Till the Coast is Clear CIC, Flete Field Lab CIC.