Fundraiser: Surf Sri Lanka (and Devon!) / Save the Ocean

We are excited to share that we have partnered with Joywave and the UK surfing community to raise funds for ocean conservation projects in Devon (via DEF) and in Sri Lanka (via LEF, Lanka Environment Fund, a fellow member of Conservation Collective).

Surfers will have the chance to win a trip to top surfing destinations in Sri Lanka and Devon by donating and fundraising for conservation initiatives that are protecting their favourite surf spots.



Devon’s rural landscape straddles two coastlines, two moors, and a patchwork of woodlands, wetlands, meadows, hedgerows, rivers, and estuaries. Once a haven for biodiverse wildlife on land and in its coastal waters, intensive farming, escalating housing development, and industrial fishing have severely diminished nature in Devon.

Devon Environment Foundation (DEF) channels funds to support the most innovative, impactful grassroots nature restoration projects in Devon – providing them with vital kick-start or scale-up support to accelerate and amplify their impact. In its first three years, DEF supported 50 projects, awarding over £670,000.

Grassroots nature restoration tackles multiple problems simultaneously: increasing biodiversity; sequestering carbon; preventing floods, droughts, and soil erosion, reducing or cleaning up pollution, and offering people more opportunities for nature connection, enhancing physical and mental health.

The Joywave funding partnership will support marine conservation initiatives that make a tangible difference for nature in Devon, such as:

  • Plastic Free North Devon
    • An exemplary grassroots organisation tackling plastic pollution; inspiring reconnection with nature; and facilitating sustainable behavioural change in their local community – responding quickly to what is needed on the ground and punching far above their weight with the impact and outcomes they deliver.
    • PFND’s achievements include: clearing thousands of kilos of plastic pollution from the North Devon coastline, launching six repair cafes, installing four beach toy libraries, sharing VR underwater footage of North Devon’s incredible marine life, and campaigning to secure a local ban on the sale of polystyrene bodyboards.
  • Native Kelp Restoration
    • A pilot project seeking to advance kelp restoration methods and futureproof Devon’s native kelp forests that are threatened by warming sea temperatures and increased storms caused by climate change.
    • The project will test the ‘green gravel’ restoration technique, seeding multiple native kelp species onto different substrates, and out-planting the ‘gravel’ into a variety of sites to discover which works best. They will also test the use of locally discarded scallop shells as one of the substrates. Kelp will be monitored to uncover new strategies to enable successful kelp reforestation.



Home to a territorial sea of 21,000 KMand an Exclusive Economic Zone of 517,000 KMwhich is nearly 8 times greater than Sri Lanka’s landmass, the island’s marine environment, much of which remains undiscovered, is one the island’s national treasures. Blessed with a diversity of coastal ecosystems that range from its vibrant coral reefs to its extensive seagrass meadows and its resilient mangroves, there is a true potential to positively contribute towards mitigating the effects of global climate change.

However, despite being one of the globe’s 36 biodiversity hotspots, much of Sri Lanka’s marine environment is threatened by anthropogenic impacts. Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing has heavily impacted fish stocks, while the plague of plastics has overrun much of the island’s once pristine coastline with marine litter. Development pressures have contributed to the deforestation of mangroves and will continue to do so if pragmatic conservation solutions are not adopted.

The Joywave funding partnership with the Lanka Environment Fund (LEF) will support marine conservation initiatives that make a tangible difference for nature in Sri Lanka, such as:

  • Cleaner Seabeds
    • Through the mobilisation of divers, this first-of-its-kind project in Sri Lanka, is cleaning coral reefs and the seabed in sensitive marine habitats from marine litter such as ALDFG (Abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear).
  • Carbon Stock Assessment of Seagrass Meadows
    • This ambitious project seeks to establish baseline data and provide seminal research that potentially contributes to the island’s blue carbon project.
  • Mannar Region Systemic Solutions (MARESSOL) Project
    • This transboundary project between India and Sri Lanka aims to reduce the amount of marine litter originating from the fishing industry in the Gulf of Mannar.
    • Through creating an ecosystem that enables recyclers and upcyclers to utilize ALDFG, MARESSOL hopes to close the loop on ropes and nets used by fishermen.



  • Top Prize: Surf Trip to Sri Lanka with Ticket to Ride
    • Includes: Flights to/from the UK; Surf House accommodation next to the beach; Professional surf coaching & video analysis; Rooftop yoga; Optional safari trip; Meet local ocean conservation projects you supported; The best surf week of your life!
  • Second Prize: Surf and Villa Weekend in Croyde, Devon
    • Villa ‘Capella’ – complete with pool and hot tub, hosts 9 people – bring your friends for a wavy weekend at the UK’s only World Surf Reserve in North Devon.
  • UK Surf Experiences & Prizes
    • Many more exclusive partner prizes from your favourite sustainable surf brands will be announced during the campaign. Follow on IG to hear first.



Increase your chances of winning – as a team or solo surfer – by gaining as many entries as you can. (Maximum team size: 3 surfers.)

Entries are available from November 11th 2023 through fundraising, donating, and non-paid, postal entry methods.

As a UK Surf Community, up to the first £20k raised in total will send one group of 3 on the ultimate group surf trip to Sri Lanka.

For every £20k raised after that, one more group will get to join the trip – with no upper limit.

As participants keep raising funds for ocean conservation projects, more like-minded surfers will be invited along for the ultimate group surf trip.

Find out more via Joywave.

Images courtesy of Plastic Free North Devon and Visit Devon.