Till the Coast is Clear X Depeche Mode

£42,500 - phase 1 awarded

A project generously enabled by Depeche Mode and Hublot’s Memento Mori Tour charity partnership with the Conservation Collective to tackle plastic pollution.

DEF is the only UK-based recipient of the first phase of funding. We are using it to support one of our flagship grantees, Till the Coast is Clear – a CIC that is striving to make the world a better place by recovering plastic pollution from hard-to-reach locations on the South Devon coast, using recyclable motor vessels and a fleet of kayaks made from recycled fishing nets, crewed by volunteers.

This tranche of funding will enable Till the Coast is Clear to hugely scale up its activities. Plans include developing the ability to recover more plastic pollution by increasing the number of kayaks, adding more collection points at remote coastal locations, and building more partnerships with local organisations and groups.

The organisation will also start offering nature immersion experiences in the Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary AONB, to help more people from different walks of life to take part in outdoor adventures. As well as utilising the recycled kayaks, a 26 foot 1962 wooden motor cruiser is being converted into an electric vessel for use on the estuary.

“This is going to make a huge difference to the next stage of our work and will ensure long-term positive impact on nature and the community, both in terms of awareness of the problems and solutions around plastic pollution, but also in improving accessibility and opportunity to get out to explore the incredible natural capital that surrounds us here in South Devon.

“We’ll be using some of the funding to trailer-mount our custom made whale sculpture – Whaley McWhale Face – which is dressed in plastic pollution recovered from the South Devon Coast including fishing nets, tyres, buoys, and single use plastic all washed up on our beautiful shores. Whaley will be available to be taken to events and locations to help raise awareness of the challenges plastics in the environment present and to help educate and inspire us all to adopt more nature conscious lifestyles.”

– Gary Jolliffe, Director, Till the Coast is Clear.

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So far the Depeche Mode X Hublot X Conservation Collective funding has enabled Till the Coast is Clear to:

  • Purchase 4 new double kayaks crafted from 50/50 recycled trawl net and consumer waste.
  • Invest in a trailer to efficiently transport all 8 kayaks to accommodate up to 16 volunteers for clean-up missions and nature-focused experiences.
  • Additional support staff has been employed to manage administrative tasks and distribute litter picking kits to schools.
  • Litter picking kits have been delivered to 5 out of the planned 10 primary and secondary schools in South Devon.
  • New signage for placement in remote areas to encourage public participation in coastal cleanup endeavours.
  • The vintage boat, The Dolphin, is currently out of the water and ready for refurbishing to transform into a community resource for nature immersion trips.

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