Support Us: Choose DEF as your 2024 Charity Partner

If you live, work, and play in Devon, you are sure to appreciate its many natural attributes and how lucky we are to have them on our doorstep.

However, while Devon looks beautiful, our local environment is facing multiple challenges that need addressing urgently so future generations can enjoy its natural beauty too.

Key issues include: loss of wildlife habitat; decrease in wildlife species; degradation of soil, water, and air quality; increase in droughts, floods, and runoff; rise in sewage, chemical, and plastic pollution; overfishing; and the pervasive impacts of climate change.

On the positive side, Devon is blessed with a huge number of extremely passionate people who care deeply about nature and who are doing everything in their power to protect and restore it.

Devon Environment Foundation specialises in directing funds from environmentally-conscious businesses and individuals to the most innovative and impactful grassroots nature restoration projects – enabling them to scale and amplify their vital work.

Our priority is to increase the amount of funding available for local nature restoration projects by inspiring more people and organisations to get involved.

1% for the Planet is a global network that enables thousands of businesses and environmental organisations to work together to support people and the planet.

If your business is keen to support local environmental action, you can choose DEF as your 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner to support grassroots nature restoration in Devon.

Supporting DEF helps businesses to meet their CSR, ESG, SDG, or B Corp objectives, or simply enables them to give back to nature locally.

DEF’s business supporters like that their donations enable a wide range of uplifting local nature restoration projects, so they can share an array of positive stories with their employees, customers, clients, and their wider community.

We’d love for you to choose DEF as your charity partner in 2024 to enable us to fund even more uplifting nature restoration projects!

You can find DEF in the 1% for the Planet directory HERE

Or make a donation to DEF directly HERE.

Read our 2023 Annual Review HERE.

We are very grateful for the generosity of all our supporters – we couldn’t do our work without you!


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