Impact: How DEF Catalyses Change

Ever been curious about the inner workings of our grant process and the many ways we collaborate with our project partners to maximise the benefits for nature in Devon?

DEF specialises in directing funds to the most innovative and impactful grassroots nature restoration projects.

Our approach is designed to catalyse positive change – lighting the blue touch paper to empower our project partners to scale and amplify their vital work.

The environmental impacts we aim to achieve together wiht our project partners include:

  • Species conservation
  • Habitat restoration
  • Pollution reduction
  • Climate change mitigation


While, our overall objective is to increase the amount of funding availabel for local nature restoration initiatives.

Read on for an overview of the different ways we support the projects we fund…



Meet the grantee:
The grantee approaches us, or we identify them as a potential grantee. We then set up a call or visit to explore how the project will restore nature in Devon.

Develop the idea:
We work together to identify opportunities and challenges, agree activities and outcomes, then seek feedback from our Advisory Board of nature experts to ensure maximum positive impact.

Grant awarded:
After funding is disbursed we keep in close contact, providing mentoring and guidance, and sharing our networks, expertise, and experience to give the best chance of success.

Local impact:
We help grantees measure and communicate their impact using a framework developed and enhanced by our global network, Conservation Collective, that supports grassroots environmental projects around the world!

Mobilise supporters:
We showcase project successes, raising awareness among potential partners, stakeholders and donors to increase impact and leverage further financial support for nature restoration.

Scale and replicate:
We use our network to enable local champions to share best practice, scale, and replicate – amplifying their impact for nature in Devon and beyond.


We’re currently fundraising so we can support even more innovative and impactful grassroots projects this year!

If you’re keen to make a difference and help local nature-based solutions, you can make a donation here, or get in touch here to support us in other ways.

Thank you for your invaluable support.


Thumbnail credits: Till the Coast is Clear