Impact Update: Wildlife, Mycelium, Seagrass

We’ve recently received some fantastic impact updates showcasing the achievements of our grantees and the incredible environmental benefits they’re bringing about!

These projects are prime examples of how dedicated individuals and organisations are striving to make a positive impact for nature in Devon.

Wild about Devon: Empowering Communities to Restore Wildlife Habitat

‘Wild about Devon’ recognises the crucial role individuals and local communities play in protecting and restoring biodiverse wildlife habitat.

This project provides communities with small pots of funding to kickstart local wildlife initiatives or benefit from advice, equipment, and other resources so they can make a positive difference for nature on their patch.

See our mini impact update on Instagram here to read more about the project’s success in 2022.

We have doubled the funding available in 2023 because of the far-reaching impacts this initiative has had!

Flete Field Lab: Harnessing the Power of Mushrooms

Flete Field Lab is an innovative project exploring the potential of mycelium to be used as a nature-based solution to tackle some of our most pressing environmental challenges; such as soil health, river water quality, and climate change.

The project is conducting experiments with mycelium and biochar to sequester carbon, enhance soil quality, and clean up river pollution – identifying low-cost, low-tech solutions that, if successful, can be replicated widely.

In 2022, they delivered the only successful mycofiltration trial in the UK, using mycelium to clean toxins downstream from a sewage treatment plant. They saw a reduction in Ecoli of 47% and falls in levels of chemical pollutants too.

2023 trials are targeting phosphates, so watch this space!

See our mini impact update on Instagram here.

Save Our Seagrass: Protecting Underwater Ecosystems

This project is striving to help preserve one of our planet’s most valuable yet underappreciated ecosystems through community engagement and ecological monitoring.

Seagrass meadows provide a range of ecosystem services, including oxygen production, carbon sequestration, and crucial habitats for marine life. Unfortunately, these seagrass habitats are under threat from pollution, coastal development, and climate change.

By identifying key areas for protection and implementing sustainable practices in Torbay, this project aims to protect seagrass meadows and mitigate the negative impacts of human activities.

See our mini impact update on Instagram here!

To add your support to help us fund more brilliant grassroots nature-based solutions like these in Devon, you can make a donation here or get in touch to support in other ways. 

Many thanks for making a difference to nature in Devon!