The Nature Restorers: In Moss and Moor

‘The Nature Restorers’ series spotlights uplifting stories of grassroots nature restoration in Devon, showing the power of channelling funds to the local projects who are best-placed to restore nature in the places they love.

Our second featured project is the innovative peatland restoration project, In Moss and Moor.

Our grantee, Art and Energy CIC is experimenting with ways to restore and regenerate peatlands with the communities who live nearby, such as by growing sphagnum moss and transplanting it onto the moor to discover whether this practical approach can deliver results at significant scale to help tackle climate change and restore nature.

Some highlights from the project so far:

  • The vital role of moss and peatlands in sequestering carbon has been shared with more than 600 people at school and community events
  • Sphagnum mosses have been explored, grown, and planted at 5 sites (Challacombe, Harford Moor, Shallowford Bog, Tor Royal Leat Field, Mardon Down)
  • 8 schools and 4 community groups have been involved and made jam jar terraria
  • Local fleece (that would otherwise be wasted) has been turned into felt to grow moss and make ‘blankets’, and is also being investigated by Dartmoor National Park for its protective potential
  • Experiments with growing sphagnum have been set up at 8 places
  • 5 restoration and celebration events held with local commoners, owners, and organisations
  • Project has a large appeal – a cheerful, hopeful approach, that merges art and science, making it great for storytelling
  • Media coverage, blogs, videos, and social media reached more than 1,000,000 people (including features on Spotlight, Farming Today and More4 films) – the experimental and community aspect of the project has piqued people’s interest!


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Special thanks to Olympus Power for their significant contribution in support of this innovative project.