The Nature Restorers: Bug Recovery Network

‘The Nature Restorers’ series spotlights uplifting stories of grassroots nature restoration in Devon, showing the power of channelling funds to the local projects who are best-placed to restore nature in the places they love.

Bug Recovery Network is a catalytic project bringing together a local community to restore pollinator populations in their local area.

So far the project has:

  • involved local primary school children in creating a wildflower meadow on their school premises,
  • persuaded the local council to convert a community green space into a wildflower meadow,
  • worked with local gardeners and allotment holders to increase pollinator habitat and forage area, and provide more insect-friendly corridors between plots of land,
  • organised community moth surveys and pollinator counts,
  • run pesticide audits and awareness events to encourage nature-friendly alternatives.


Devon Environment Foundation specialises in identifying beacon projects that are making a tangible difference for nature on the ground, helping them to scale up and showcase best practice to amplify their impact.

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