Support Us: 3 Reasons Businesses Donate to DEF

DEF channels funds from individuals and businesses to the most inspiring and impactful grassroots Nature-based Solutions in Devon.

Our vision is to protect and restore at least 30% of Devon’s land and water by 2030 – reflecting national and global ambitions – by directing vital funds to the people on the ground delivering tangible Nature-based Solutions in Devon.

This is the decisive decade when businesses across Devon are embracing the challenge to become net zero and nature positive by 2030.

Donating to DEF is an effective way for businesses to support nature regeneration projects on their doorstep.

Since our launch in summer 2020, DEF has supported a total of 22 grassroots projects to address the climate and nature emergencies in Devon, awarding more than £280,000 of grants. You can see our 18 month impact update here.

These are the top 3 reasons business donors support DEF:

  1. To outsource deciding which environmental projects to support. DEF is guided by an Advisory Board of nature experts so donors can be confident their contributions will fund the projects that will make the biggest difference for nature in Devon (without having to figure it out themselves).
  2. To receive regular impact updates – photos, statistics, and stories from our projects – to use as ready-made marketing content to inspire customers and employees, and share the much-needed hope that Nature-based Solutions provide in these challenging times.
  3. To pool funds with like-minded donors to leverage their impact. Instead of just supporting one or two smaller projects directly, they share in the impact of all the projects DEF funds.

Ready to make a positive difference to nature in Devon?

You can make a one-off or regular donation to DEF or get in touch to support us in other ways.

Thank you for your invaluable support, we couldn’t do our work without you.