Pesticide-Free Bradley

£7,500 awarded

Encouraging and supporting households across the ward of Bradley, Newton Abbot, to go pesticide-free with an ultimate aspiration to work with other local community groups to launch a Pesticide-Free Devon initiative.

During the Bradley Bug Recovery Network project that DEF funded in 2022, a pilot ‘pesticide amnesty’ was undertaken, involving over 30 households, which revealed that many people are unaware of the link between household pesticide use and pollinator decline (and also the negative effect on human and animal health). It highlighted the need for safe pesticide disposal, and advice around alternatives.

In October 2023, our grantee, Green Futures, presented insights to Newton Abbot Town Council, resulting in a unanimous vote in favour of declaring the town ‘pesticide-free’ and ceasing the use of pesticides on council-owned land.

Although ambitious, Green Futures estimate that if they can successfully engage with 50% of the 5,500 local households, it would equate to the removal of over 500kg of pesticides from local ecosystems, encouraging the creation of 1 hectare of new wildflower habitat for pollinators.

They have already secured the key operational elements to run an effective household pesticide amnesty, including local council agreement to a kirbside collection scheme of household pesticides during two amnesty weeks – which will be the first of its kind in the UK.

The key deliverables of this project include:

  • Producing a ‘Gardens for Life’ guide, sharing pesticide free alternatives
  • ‘Pesticide-free garden’ signs, for those who are not using pesticides to show their efforts.
  • Two kirbside amnesty weeks (Oct 2024 & Easter 2025)
  • Engaging with local farmers in Spring 2025, with a bespoke pesticide collection/disposal service from 20 local farms
  • A Pesticide-Free networking event to bring together all involved to present results and explore the next steps.
Image credits: Green Futures Newton Abbot
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