South Devon Seals

£4,371 awarded

The Seal Project in Brixham is the only seal research organisation in South Devon. It has increased knowlwdge of seal activity in the South West, and can recognise returning seals to the area by their fur patterns and their behaviours.

Grey seals are a globally rare species but can be frequently seen around South Devon shores, and despite Common or Harbour seals not being very ‘common’ in this area, a small number are seen regularly.

This project will fund the installation of a remote access camera in Kingswear, South Devon to record seal numbers and identify individual seals in Dartmouth estuary – increasing data, knowledge, and understanding of seals in the area, and spotting any entanglements or injuries early, to enable The Seal Project to more efficiently expand its area of impact.

The camera will also record disturbance issues, so they can take action to educate and engage with Dartmouth and Kingswear authorities, boat owners, local businesses, and holiday-makers on best practice and how to avoid disturbing seals while enjoying the coastline.

The camera will be run by volunteers and the Citizen Science they gather will be added to the UK database of seal sightings and recordings and shared with the Seal Research Trust (Cornwall).

Image credits: The Seal Project