Business Supporters: Save Tax, Save Nature

Did you know that limited companies that donate to charity before the end of the tax year pay less tax?

If you run a local business, and want to protect and restore your local environment, while benefiting from reduced corporation tax, you can deduct the value of charity donations from your total business profits before your tax is calculated. More information from HMRC here.

Donations to the Devon Environment Foundation enable us to channel more funds to the most innovative and impactful grassroots projects that protect and restore nature in Devon.

We will award our first grants for 2023 next month, so donations received now will allow us to provide more nature-based solutions with vital kick-start or scale-up support. You can make a donation here

Nature-based solutions drawdown carbon while protecting and restoring biodiverse ecosystems. They help tackle the climate and nature crises, while providing much-needed positivity in these challenging times. See the brilliant nature-based solutions DEF has already funded here.

DEF specialises in pooling funds from like-minded donors and strategically directing them where they are needed quickly. We are advised by leading local nature experts to optimise our funding decisions and make the biggest impact for nature.

Companies that support DEF appreciate being involved in a wide range of local conservation and restoration projects, so they can a variety of positive stories with their employees, customers, and wider community.

In our first 2.5 years, we supported 41 grassroots projects that address the climate and nature emergencies in Devon, awarding more than £565,000 of grants.

Some of the projects DEF enabled, thanks to donations from our supporters, include:

  • Regenerative Agriculture: Providing practical training to fill a skills gap and grow the next generation of regenerative farmers by launching a new School of Regenerative Land-Based Studies.
  • Mycelium and Biochar: Trialling low tech approaches to sequester carbon, enhance soil quality, and clean-up river pollution via mycofiltration, to identify low cost nature-based solutions that can be replicated widely.
  • Plymouth Pesticide Awareness – Highlighting the issues of pesticide use and its detrimental impact on pollinators to encourage pollinator-friendly action in the city.
  • In Moss and Moor – Engaging the local community in an experimental project growing local sphagnum moss to improve areas of wetland on three sites in Dartmoor and discover if this could be an effective way to regenerate peatlands at scale.
  • Moor Trees – Enabling a successful South Devon tree nursery to scale-up and increase their annual production of native tree saplings from 50,000 to 60,000 per year.
  • Reptiles and Amphibians – Kick-starting an operation to breed native reptile and amphibian offspring for wild release in suitable rewilding projects to increase population numbers of these vital species that are unlikely to recolonise naturally without intervention.
  • Coastal Clean-Ups: Supporting adventure beach cleans that reach parts of the coast other cleaners can’t reach, engaging the community and having fun while cleaning-up plastic pollution and raising awareness of waste prevention.
  • Seaweed Farming: Proving the economic, social, and environmental benefits of seaweed farming, which include CO2 sequestration, bioremediation, and increased marine biodiversity.
  • And many more!

Our priority is to increase the amount of funding available for local nature-based solutions by inspiring more people and organisations to get involved.

DEF strives to seed many more local regenerative projects by providing valuable mentoring, expertise, connections, and financial support; while showcasing project successes that ignite hope and wider action, accelerating systemic change.

To add your support, you can donate to DEF here.  Or for BACS details, get in touch here. We can provide receipts as required.

If you would like to share your support of DEF on your social media or website, feel free to use this short film or share this post.

Many thanks for making a tangible difference to nature in Devon.

“Without DEF’s support, encouragement, guidance, and funding we would never have been able to dream big and develop a future beacon training centre. Their funding enabled us to help grow the future of regenerative farming, forestry, and food production in Devon and beyond.”
– Rachel Phillips, The Apricot Centre School for Regenerative Land-based Studies