Impact Update: Our Grantees Share How DEF Has Helped Them

This week we’d like to share the difference that Devon Environment Foundation grants make to the smaller, grassroots organisations and pilot projects that we support.

Early on our journey, we identified a gap in the local environmental funding landscape and decided we could be of most use by acting as an environmental kick-starter – channelling funds to the most effective grassroots projects delivering Nature-based Solutions in Devon, enabling them to scale their impact in tackling the climate and biodiversity crises.

Being independent and unbureaucratic, we’re fortunate to be able to direct funds where they are needed quickly. We like funding innovative, start-up or scale-up projects that might not attract traditional funders, yet have the potential to unlock exponential positive impact.

Our Advisory Board of leading nature experts ensures we only support the grassroots projects that will deliver the greatest returns for climate and nature.

If you’d like to be part of this innovative and impactful way of funding Nature-based Solutions in Devon, you can make a donation here.

Here are a few quotes from some of the grantees we have supported so far…



“We specialise in clearing plastic pollution using boats and kayaks to get to places that regular beach cleans can’t reach, involving as many people as possible so they fall in love with nature, and are part of the solution restoring it to its former glory. It’s incredibly sad what is found on the coast, but rewarding to be involved with something that makes a real difference improving the environment for all. We’d like to say a huge thank you to DEF because without their support we wouldn’t have been as effective and wouldn’t be able to carry out all the work that we do.”



“The grants we received from DEF allowed us to consolidate our research in carbon sequestration and biodiversity in regenerative agriculture. Who knew that this would be the catalyst for a new school of regenerative land-based systems in Devon, and numerous conversations with many different partners about different agricultural methods to move towards net zero carbon farming. Without DEF’s support, encouragement, guidance, and funding we would never have been able to dream big and develop a future beacon training centre. Their funding enabled us to help grow the future of regenerative farming, forestry and food production in Devon and beyond.



Without DEF, Biome Algae would not have succeeded in coming so far. We would not have successfully completed a very valuable pilot year where many lessons were learnt in the world of seaweed farming; raised community awareness of its benefits; or be in a position to continue as an ethical company providing seaweed to help solve societal problems – from ocean restoration, to plastic substitution, and carbon mitigation. DEF gave us the kickstart we needed.”



“Moor Meadows was thrilled to receive a grant from the DEF which enabled the creation of the online Meadow-Makers’ Forum, the formation of several new meadow groups across Devon, and the opportunity to run a series of successful online webinars.”



“When Action on Climate in Teignbridge’s Ecology Group decided to start a Wildlife Warden scheme, our biggest challenge was to find funding for a Coordinator. We have an active Ecology Group, with members who are helping with training or have become Wildlife Wardens – but we realised that the communication, infrastructure and administration needed to get our team of around 70-100 Wildlife Wardens going was more than our volunteers could manage! DEF is our main funder and their flexibility and interest in what we are doing has been an enormous encouragement. Thank you DEF for the funding that has enabled our volunteers to deliver some wonderful projects for wildlife in Teignbridge!


The above quotes represent just a snapshot of the people we have helped.

We’re excited to share that in our first year, we funded 15 projects, awarding more than £180,000 in grant funding.

However, the need for grants to support vital grassroots projects always outweighs the funding we have available. We’re very grateful for all donations that enable us to fund even more transformative projects.

If you’d like to give back to nature in Devon, you can make a donation or get in touch to support us in other ways.

Thank you for your invaluable support, we couldn’t do our work without you.