Wild About Devon, Year 3

£7,000 awarded

Wild About Devon is an initiative providing small grants of up to £500 to empower communities to kickstart new wildlife projects in their local areas.

Examples of wildlife projects supported include creating or restoring wildflower meadows, planting hedgerows, and installing ponds – resulting in much improved and connected wildlife habitats springing up around the county.

This is the third year DEF has provided a grant for Wild About Devon, in partnership with the Devon Local Nature Partnership and Devon Communities Together.

Some key metrics from Wild About Devon 2023:

  • 113 organisations applied, and 39 were funded.
  • 1,185 trees planted.
  • 11 wildflower meadows created, featuring at least 44 different species.
  • 578 volunteers engaged, providing 1,943 volunteer hours to local wildlife projects.
  • At least 218,369 metres squared of habitat were created and improved!
  • 300m of path, 400m of riverbank, & 100m hedgerow were restored.
  • Learn more about Wild About Devon’s 2023 impact here.


Our 2024 grant aims to continue to deliver:

  • Restoration of neglected habitats such as hedges, grassland or woodland.
  • Creation of new wildlife areas including ponds, wildflower meadows, hedges and woodlands, especially in places which help connect existing wildlife areas.
  • Creation of new wildlife groups.
  • Enhancement of community gardens, churchyards and other public spaces.
  • Purchase of tools, materials, training, or safety equipment.
  • Purchase of monitoring equipment for species recording and education.


A huge thanks you to Lightrock Power for enabling DEF to support this project for a third year.

Image credits: Devon Communities Together.