Two Moors Pine Marten Project

£10,000 awarded

A vision to restore pine marten populations to the woodlands of southwest England.

The absence of this charismatic native species has left local ecosystems without a vital, functioning part. As predators of small animals, pine martens play a crucial role in balancing nature, especially in our woodlands.

The return of pine martens to this area would be a positive step in restoring local wildlife in these challenging times, while providing an iconic symbol of recovery for our woodlands that inspires people to take positive action for nature.

Devon Environment Foundation is helping to fund the feasibility study required before possible pine marten releases can begin – engaging the community and volunteers to gain support.

If this first stage is successful, the release phase would aim to establish self-sustaining pine marten populations on Dartmoor and Exmoor, from where they could recolonise surrounding woodland and expand naturally.

Images courtesy of Devon Wildlife Trust (C) Mark Hamblin / 2020 Vision.


UPDATE Spring 2024: Read about what they have achieved with this feasibility study here!


UPDATE July 2024:

  • Feasibility and development phases are now complete and provided the evidence needed for a successful £1.27m bid to National Lottery Heritage Fund that enabled the delivery phase to start.
  • Extensive consultation work with landowners, communities and other stakeholders fed into project design, the mitigation and adaptation plans, and the social feasibility aspects of consenting, while providing valuable insights to help plan our learning and volunteering activities.
  • Full ecological impacts have been evaluated through Habitats Regulations Assessments and Disease Risk assessments.
  • Consents have been obtained from Natural England for the reintroduction project to proceed, with licences submitted to Natural England and NatureScot to bring the first group of pine martens to Devon this autumn.
  • More details are available at