Regenerative School, Year 3

£20,000 awarded

A beacon centre of regenerative excellence that is training the next generation of regenerative farmers – to increase regenerative farming practices in Devon & beyond!

Regenerative Agriculture brings many benefits to farmers, their communities, and their local environment. As the cost of fossil fuels and fertilisers skyrocket, and the challenges of droughts and flash-flooding become regular occurrences, regenerative practices provide farmers with effective tools to adapt and thrive.

DEF has supported this project right from the start: funding the feasibility study, the certification of the qualification, the start-up costs, and contributing towards the first two years of training.

This grant for year 3 fills a small funding gap to enable them to deliver the whole Level 3 training course in 2024, and allows them to work with some placement farms outside of South Hams and West Devon.

During 2024, the Apricot Centre will be exploring becoming a College to help secure the future financial viability of this vital training.

We are so excited to be able to support this project for another year!

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Photo credits: Images courtesy of the Apricot Centre.