Regenerative Dartmoor

£2,500 awarded

A hyper-local, grassroots feasibility study to scope the potential to create wildlife corridors in two neighbouring river catchments to deliver landscape scale change on the high moor.

DEF has agreed to fund a feasibility study (Phase 1) to test the potential for Phase 2, a larger vision of a Regenerative Dartmoor as a flagship National Park for innovation in wilder land management, delivering a wide array of public goods, blending nature conservation and agriculture as it cascades off the high moor, down through the catchments, improving Devon-wide biodiversity and resilience.

Phase 1 is a highly focused local approach, scoping interest and potential for wildlife corridors in two neighbouring river catchments the Walkham and Tavy Valleys, which encompass approx. 28,500 acres.

If successful the project would move to Phase 2, which would seek to empower interested Land Managers through Regenerative Agricultural principles to align them with ELMS Tiers 2 and 3 to incentivise future practice to deliver landscape scale change.