Wild beavers allowed to live on River Otter in Devon

We were delighted to hear the news last month that England’s first wild beavers for 400 years are now allowed to live on the River Otter in Devon.

Beavers are great news for nature regeneration in Devon. They are a keystone species whose presence enables river ecosystems to thrive. Renowned for being nature’s water engineers, their dams result in reduced flooding and soil erosion, reduced downstream water pollution and increased wildlife biodiversity.

We’d like to congratulate everyone involved in the groundbreaking trial to prove how beneficial beavers are in our environment, including the Devon Wildlife Trust, University of Exeter, Clinton Estates, Derek Gow, and Beaver Trust.

Given the nature restoration benefits beavers bring, the DEF hopes to support educational projects and community engagement to enable further beaver reintroductions in Devon in future.

You can read more about the reintroduction of beavers on the River Otter here.