Support Us: Add £1 or 1% donation to every sale for DEF

Devon businesses: Help raise funds to protect and restore nature in Devon!

You could help us raise more funds for local nature restoration projects by adding a small donation in aid of DEF to every sale or booking* this summer.

Adding a £1 or 1% donation from your customers for DEF is an easy way to make a positive impact for nature on your doorstep (at no cost to your business).

For example, if you run a hospitatlity business, lots of small donations from your customers (visitors to our beautiful county and those of us lucky to live here) add up to BIG impact.

We are currently oversubscribed with incredible local environmental initiatives that require funding, so we are looking for new ways to raise funds to deliver more vital environmental impact:

🌳 Restoring natural habitats
🦞 Protecting native species
🌍 Building climate resilience
♻️ Reducing pollution

* Whichever works best with your product or service.


The funds you raise on our behalf will support brilliant local grassroots projects like these:


🌳Peatland Restoration: Experimenting with ways to regenerate peatlands with the communities who live nearby, such as growing sphagnum moss and transplanting it onto the moor to discover whether this practical approach can deliver results at significant scale.

🦞 Crayfish Hatchery: Establishing a new hatchery and nursery for white-clawed crayfish to increase their population and prevent extinction. Helping this crucial native species will increase biodiversity, improve water quality, and restore freshwater ecosystems.

🌍 Regenerative Agriculture: Kick-starting a new School of Regenerative Land-Based Studies that offers practical training to fill a skills gap and grow the next generation of regenerative farmers – sequestering carbon and mitigating the effects of climate change.

♻️ Mycelium & Biochar: Trialling mycelium and biochar recipes to sequester carbon, enhance soil quality, and clean up river pollution via mycofiltration; identifying replicable low-cost, low-tech solutions that empower landowners and communities.

Get in touch to learn more & get involved:

Thank you for any support you can give! 🙏

Our priority is to increase the amount of funding available for local nature restoration projects by inspiring more people and organisations to get involved.

Learn more in our Annual Review 2024 here.

We are very grateful for the generosity of all our supporters – we couldn’t do our work without you!