Spring Match Fund: One Donation, Twice the Impact

We are excited to announce that we are running a Spring Match Fund in partnership with The Big Give to raise more funds for grassroots nature restoration projects in Devon!

From noon on Thurs 14 March to noon Thurs 4 April 2024, every £1 donated to DEF via the Big Give website will be matched – meaning you can DOUBLE your impact for nature.*

There are so many brilliant local projects working hard to protect and restore nature in Devon.

DEF taps into our network of leading local nature experts to identify the projects that will deliver the greatest gains for nature.

Examples of projects we have recently funded include:

  • Swift Boxes: Installing swift boxes and electronic audio lures into local churches to entice new nesting pairs and help restore swift populations.
  • Moss & Moor: Experimenting with ways to regenerate peatlands such as by growing sphagnum moss and transplanting it onto the moor to discover if this could work at scale.
  • Crayfish Hatchery: Establishing a new hatchery and nursery for the keystone freshwater species, the white-clawed crayfish, to increase their population and prevent extinction. 
  • Save Our Seagrass: Protecting seagrass meadows by making the community aware of its presence and how to avoid damaging it, alongside ecological monitoring in Torbay. 


Since launching 3.5 years ago, DEF has supported 56 projects, awarding over £740,000. See all the grants we have awarded HERE.

Our mission is to significantly increase the overall amount of funding directed towards local nature restoration, getting funds where they are needed quickly.

Funds raised during our Spring Match Fund will be added to our quarterly grant budget to enable us to support even more incredible nature restoration projects in Devon.

As the end of the tax year approaches, it can be a great time to make tax-efficient charity donations.

A donation to DEF enables you to pool funds with like-minded donors to increase your impact and make a positive difference to nature on your doorstep.

Find out more about our Spring Match Fund HERE. 

You can make ONE donation with TWICE the impact between midday Thurs 14 March and midday Thurs 4 April 2024.

We are very grateful for any support you can give!

* Our target is to raise £10,000 through online donations during this 3 week campaign, in order to access our full match fund pot of £10,000 – to raise a total of £20,000 for local nature restoration projects.