Message to Government: Real Action on Climate and Nature is Not Optional

Last night, our Exec Director, Amanda Keetley, was on panel at a Zero Hour event requesting that Totnes MP, Anthony Mangnall, supports the Climate and Ecology Bill in parliament.

You can see the Twitter thread posted during the event here.

You can read what she said in her panel introduction below…

It’s really great to be here today, thank you so much for having me.

And it’s brilliant to see all of YOU here too – so many people  – I think that tells our MP something.

Your electorate expects more than your government is delivering.

Real action for climate and nature is not optional.


Being here together today helps us to know that we are in this together.

Climate change and ecological breakdown can feel overwhelming, and affects us all.

This week’s extreme weather and wildfires have given us a glimpse of a frightening future.

And today marks the world’s first Climate Emergency Day.

When the Climate Clock in New York Times Square – showing how long we have left to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees – ticks down to 6 years and 364 days.

We have just SIX (and a bit) years to take SERIOUS action to avoid runaway climate change, ecological and societal collapse.

What can be more important than that?!

Real action for climate and nature is not optional.


We all know this. Everyone in this room will be trying to act in some way to tackle the biggest issue of our time. None of us are perfect, but we are all trying.

Here in Devon, we are so lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy some amazing nature on our doorstep:

  • walking in the woods
  • listening to birdsong
  • spotting butterflies and other incredible insects on the coast path
  • swimming in a secret cove, captivated by the colours (and the cold water!!)


In my role at the Devon Environment Foundation, I am lucky to meet brilliant people at grassroots level who have dedicated their lives to protecting and restoring nature in Devon.

People like Gary from Till the Coast is Clear, who mobilises teams of volunteers to give back to nature by:

  • cleaning up our coastline
  • planting trees
  • creating wildlife corridors
  • and supporting local regenerative farmers…


These Nature-based solutions tackle BOTH the climate and nature emergencies at the same time.

They are brilliant because they:

  • sequester carbon
  • increase wildlife
  • prevent flooding and soil erosion
  • improve air, water, and soil quality (the actual ingredients for life!)
  • and bring us joy!!


Nature-based solutions are SUCH no-brainers. Why isn’t everyone doing them, everywhere?!

Working with these projects gives me hope as they are literally creating the future we ALL want to live in.

But then, the government makes decisions that wipe out all that progress.

They should say NO to all new oil and gas fields.

Instead, they bow to insatiable greed. Jeopardising all our futures.

Even those who think they will profit, will suffer alongside us. Because money can’t save you from climate and nature collapse.

Real action for climate and nature is not optional.


It’s down to each of us to stand against Business As Usual, which has got us into this mess.

We can’t just tweak things and green-wash, we need to radically change how we live – prioritising nature, our life support system.

I hope our MP will join us and support the Climate and Ecology Bill.

I hope everyone in this room will take the time to write to him to remind him to do so.

We are not passively travelling to a future we have no control over.

Every decision and action we take, or do not take, will create it.

Let’s co-create a future we are able to live in.

It will be rewarding in every sense.

We owe it to people younger than us, and to our older selves.

Real action for climate and nature is not optional.