How your business can support nature-based solutions in Devon

Does your business benefit from Devon’s exceptional natural beauty?

Would you like to give back by supporting local projects that protect and restore nature on your doorstep?

You can join forces with DEF to help even more good things happen for nature here in Devon!

There are many ways we collaborate with like-minded businesses…

The video below features Devon business owner, Suzanne Abrey-Cameron of The Prospect Inn in Exeter, sharing why she decided to support the Devon Environment Foundation. You can watch a 1 min version here.

The film also features Shelley Castle and Frank Foley, who run DEF’s Mycelium and Biochar trial, showing how they are using nature-based solutions to try to improve soil and water quality issues on the River Erme, in a way that could be scaled up across Devon and beyond

Why Collaborate with DEF?

We are lucky to live in an exceptionally picturesque part the world, but although everything looks beautiful on the surface, there are many hidden yet serious challenges.

Local environmental issues include: severely reduced wildlife habitat; depleted soil, water, and air quality; droughts, flooding, and runoff; sewage pollution, chemical pollution, plastic pollution; and of course the many impacts of climate change…

The good news is there are lots of brilliant and passionate people working hard to create positive environmental change in our county, and with our support they can do even more incredible work.

Most businesses in Devon are acutely aware of how important our natural environment is and want to do something to support nature regeneration, but it can be difficult to know where to focus.

The Devon Environment Foundation specialises in channelling funds from businesses and individuals that care about nature to the most innovative and impactful grassroots projects in our county.

We benefit from the wisdom of our wonderful advisory board of leading nature experts that ensure we fund the projects with the biggest potential for positive impact for nature.

We strive to raise funds and get them quickly where they are needed most, helping to kick-start or scale-up projects that will make a tangible difference to nature right here in Devon.

Some examples of projects we’ve funded include:

  • Mycelium and Biochar Trial
  • Moss on the Moor Experiment
  • New Regenerative Agriculture School
  • New Seaweed Farm
  • Pollinator Habitat
  • Plastic Clean Up
  • Beavers and Water Voles
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Wildlife Wardens
  • Marine Life Rescue
  • Native Tree Nurseries
  • Pine Marten Feasibility Study
  • And many more!

If you’d like to join forces with us to help even more good things happen for nature here in Devon, please get in touch.

There are many ways we collaborate with like-minded businesses, and we can be flexible to find a way that meets your and our objectives while enabling more inspiring local nature regeneration projects.

You can make a one-time or monthly donation here, or get in touch to explore other ways we can work together.

Thanks for your support, we couldn’t support fantastic projects like this without you.