Save our Seagrass – Year 2

£14,400 awarded

Protecting Torbay’s seagrass meadows through a holistic strategy of ecological monitoring, physical protection, and community engagement.

Seagrass is a vital marine habitat. It absorbs carbon dioxide 35 times faster than a tropical rainforest and protects coastal communities by stabilising sediments via its dense root systems. Seagrass also provides nursery grounds for juvenile fish and supports a wide range of other species, including seahorses.

Unfortunately, damage from dredging and anchoring, and poor water quality has caused the UK to lose over 90% ot its seagrass meadows in the last 100 years.

Wild Planet Trust‘s ‘Save Our Seagrass’ project seeks to gain a better understanding of the health of Torbay’s seagrass meadows, coupled with an awareness campaign to reduce harmful human impacts on local seagrass meadows.

It aims to conserve and recover local seagrass meadows in Torbay by promoting seagrass-friendly moorings and championing marine issues with coastal businesses.

Maintaining and monitoring Torbay’s Advanced Mooring Systems will reduce anchoring pressure on local seagrass meadows, enabling their recovery. While an ambitious advocacy initiative will spread awareness of the importance of this marine habitat and the threats it faces.

A new ‘Seagrass Champions’ initiative will encourage tourism businesses to make behavioural change pledges and empower the local community to take action to protect its marine environment.

This project has been generously funded by Regatta Clothing.

“We’re passionate about encouraging everyone to spend time outdoors, and so protecting and preserving nature for future generations is invaluable to us.” – Alice Neal, Regatta Clothing.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Regatta to enable this multi-faceted project to protect and restore local seagrass meadows, while also empowering local businesses and the wider community with tangible ways to look after their local marine environment.” – Amanda Keetley, DEF.

Photo credits: Georgie Bull